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  • ua2008a-ac-clamp-meter

    UA2008A Clamp meter

  • ua2008d-ac-dc-clamp-meter

    5999 Counts AC DC 600V 600A Resistance Capacitance True RMS digital clamp meter UA2008D

  • Smart Digital Clamp Meter

    Smart automatic detection: No need to select AC or DC volts or resistance. Tester selects the right setting automatically Large amp range capability: TRMS and AC up to 600A

  • ua2018a-digital-clamp-meter

    Built on success, digital clamp meters designed by UYIGAO are known as workhorse current clamp meters. With advanced performance, the amp clamp meter line is designed to be simple to use and gimmick-f

  • ua2018b-digital-clamp-meter

    Digital Multimeter UA2018B Black Handheld Digital Clamp Meter DC/AC Voltage Measuring Digital Professional precise

  • ua3268a mini ac clamp meter

    600 Amp AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter The Clamp Meter is a heavy duty The Clamp Meter is a heavy duty True-RMS electrical current tester for professional residential, commercial and industrial application

  • ua3268d ac dc clamp meter

    This digital clamp meter features 2 jaws that clamp around an electrical conductor. This is an easy method to measure the voltage on a line without having to make physical contact or disconnect the li

  • 2500A digital clamp meter

    Factory price Large current 2500A Ampere AC DC NCV Digital Clamp Meter

  • ua3268c true RMS clamp meter | UYIGAO

    True-RMS clamp meter: This multimeter can accurately measure AC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Frequency or Duty Cycle, Resistance, Capacitance and also provides Diode, Continuity and Temperature tests. True

  • UA2018D AC/DC Clamp Meter

    Digital Clamp Meter AC/DC Auto-Ranging This model has an automatically ranging true mean squared (TRMS) technology which accounts for an increased accuracy level. The thermocouple feature enables the

  • 1000A Digital Clamp Meter UA6266

    The 1000A digital clamp meter offers superior accuracy, quality and reliability with all the basic measurement capabilities technicians need in an AC current clamp meter. Use it to measure AC current

  • DMM Test Leads Kits | UYIGAO

    Multimeter Test Leads Kit Professional Alligator Clips Automotive Clamp Meter Lead Multimeter Accessory Kit Includes Lead Extensions Test Probes Alligator Clips Mini Hooks

  • DMM Test Leads Alligator Clips | UYIGAO

    Compatible with Multimeter:They are designed for use with any multimeter, clamp meter, test instrument and so on. Removable tips, banana plugs, alligator clips and spade terminal can help expand testi

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